When brands move people, we all move forward.

DsgnStory is a 100% remote branding agency. Our main team in Pasadena is the strategy and artistic hub, and they also manage outside partners from different fields as the project needs them. The result is a process that is smart, efficient, and quick, and access to the best people.


An independent, award-winning branding agency. Founded in 2022, DsgnStory is a premier branding agency that is reimagining the way brands are built.

Brand identity

We pair big ideas with precision work—every detail and every design, all made with a mind to move people.

Brand activation

We build engaging brand experiences across all platforms to please, enthrall, and win brand loyalty.

Digital experiences

Brands need huge digital world more than ever. Longevity demands planning and foresight. We create durable digital brands.

Brand strategy

Strategy powers brands. Our strategic thinking and practical ideas will guide your brand's future.

Our people


Mehedi Hasan


Mehedi has worked in branding businesses for more than ten years, so he can quickly understand the most important problems and suggest next steps to move the ball forward. He is an expert in marketing, brand strategy, and branding systems for businesses that are just starting out.



Kristina has made brand recognition systems for startups in healthcare, consumer goods, blockchain, and the B2B area. She is interested in planning as well as design, and she makes real links with clients to figure out what they need.

Matt Gallo


Matt's goal with every client is to bring their ideas to life through a mix of art and stories. As someone who thinks in terms of design, he keeps pushing the limits when he designs for clients, whether it's a show or a whole brand.



With this wide range of skills, Jeselyn has learned to solve problems in unique ways that look at them from all sides. She has learned from some of the best minds in Branding, so she knows how to carefully find big ideas and turn them into useful, user-facing work.

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