Nastled – A Futuristic Typographical Logo

The brief

Nastled is a company that specializes in providing high-maintenance services to its clients. They offer top-tier solutions that demand precision and attention to detail. As a company that thrives on perfection, they needed a logo that not only represented their commitment to excellence but also showcased their forward-thinking approach.

Project Description

Nastled approached DsgnStory Branding Agency with the challenge of creating a logo that encapsulated their high-maintenance work and projected a futuristic and innovative image. They wanted a logo that would stand out in their industry and make a lasting impression on their clients.

nastled logo gradient background

Design Concept

Futuristic Typography

nastled logo typography construction

The agency opted for a sleek and futuristic typographical approach for the logo. The choice of typography exuded modernity and innovation, aligning perfectly with Nastled’s forward-thinking approach.

Custom Design

Every letter in the logo was meticulously crafted to convey the high level of detail and precision that Nastled offers in its services. The custom design of the letters showcased the company’s commitment to perfection.


nastled logo with futuristic background

The resulting logo not only met but exceeded Nastled’s expectations. It became a visual representation of the company’s dedication to precision, innovation, and high-maintenance work. The sleek, futuristic design, along with the subtle combination of S and T, made the logo memorable and instantly recognizable.


nastled indoor banner

DsgnStory Branding Agency’s design of the custom typographical logo for Nastled proved to be a powerful branding tool. It showcased the company’s high-maintenance work and its dedication to precision, all while projecting a futuristic image that aligned perfectly with Nastled’s values and goals. The logo became an essential part of Nastled’s branding, helping them stand out in their industry and make a lasting impression on their clients.


nastled stationary design
nastled multiple business card design
nastled business card design

DsgnStory exceeded our expectations with their exceptional design. They perfectly captured our vision in every detail. Highly recommended!

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