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11 Biggest Branding Trends for 2023: Using humor To Daring Nostalgia


How we deal with the present is shown by the branding trends. People are begging brands to be real, open, and honest after a few crazy years and growing frustration with what brands do and, sometimes even more loudly, what they don’t do.

These trends show that brands are trying to meet people’s needs and give them meaningful experiences. Even though many things can change branding trends, one thing is for sure: in the future, it will be important to show how your brand lives its values.

11 Biggest Branding Trends for 2023

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to update your brand, now is the best time. These are the top branding trends that our DsgnStory experts and well-known leaders in the field think will be popular in 2023.

1. Young & Energetic

Overstimulated branding uses pictures and bright colours to get people’s attention and keep them interested. Bright colours, bold, distorted fonts, and ostentatious icons or logos are frequently used in this style. Visually, these brands look like they have a lot going on because they use patterns, put illustrations all over the place, and use all the space they can.

young and energetic Brand
young and energetic Brand

These brands not only catch your eye but also make people happy with their bright colours and playful energy. It provides a unique and rewarding experience that provides a welcome break from the depressing news cycle of war, famine, and economic crisis.

2. Welcoming a new era

By adopting an era, you might be able to make a brand that makes people think of a certain time in history. It could be from the 1920s or even from the year 2000.

When current social, economic, and political events are too chaotic and stressful, people may create a fantasy of a different time to escape from them. It lets you go to new places, think about the good old days, or look back at a different time through a romanticised lens.


Customers are drawn to this style right away because it uses things from the past that they recognise, like a bold colour scheme from the 1990s or a broad, curved typeface from the 1970s. In a world where people and countries seem to be getting more and more divided, is it any wonder that we want to go back to simpler times?

3. Getting more out of less

At its heart, Getting more out of less is about using fewer things to have a bigger effect. It’s not about the minimalist design that has a lot of empty space and uses beige, white, and neutral colors. Instead, this trend uses as few elements as possible to give a brand as much expression and personality as possible.

Getting more out of less

These brands only use one or two colors, and the fonts are big and easy to read. They only use what is needed to get the message, tone, and personality across. This branding trend fits with the idea that most of us have too much stuff when we could get by with much less. And to fight back against all this excess, brands are Getting more out of less.

4. Using a mascot to bring a brand’s personality to life

In 2023, strong brand mascots that are put front and centre in branding are becoming more common. These mascots are more than just a nice design touch for a logo. They have a strong personality and use human traits.

Humanizing brand personality with a mascot

People love to connect, especially in the broken world we live in now. People are looking for brands that are more honest and real. This is because social media sites are always trying to get our attention, and the effects of the economic downturn are harsh. By giving your brand more personality through a mascot, you add a layer of character and warmth that is easy for people to connect to and relate to.

5. Branding based on the mission

Most businesses have realized in the past few years that it’s no longer enough to say they care about social issues. They should show it by making a difference in the world. In today’s world, these kinds of obvious demonstrations are becoming less and less important. We saw this attitude last year when eco-friendly companies started moving away from an “eco” look and started defining their brands in different ways while still staying true to their core values.

We think this trend will still be going strong in 2023 and will turn into mission-first branding. We’re seeing companies make their missions an important part of their brands, breaking away from limiting ideas about what a mission-first brand should look like in the process. When a business does well, consumers no longer want to see it make a statement responding to a social movement.

Branding based on the mission

Customers want to feel like these values are part of everything about the brand. It means putting your company’s goals and values into the brand identity and coming up with actions that make sense based on that identity. Instead of just saying that your company cares about the environment, do something about it by starting recycling and reuse programs. And then use it in every part of your brand and the story you tell about your brand.

People are fed up with businesses that don’t do enough to help people in need or protect the environment. Customers now expect businesses to deliver results that meet their needs.

7. Using letters in place of icons

When a logo and brand name are only made up of text, swapping out one of the letters for an icon or picture may be a creative and fun way to add some personality and style to your branding. After all, it’s the first thing people see that tells them everything they need to know about your brand, including the tone, style, look, and product.

Using letters in place of icons

This unusual way to brand your business gives it a reference that no one else has, which helps it stand out from the crowd. Also, the new symbol is a visual clue that helps people learn about the brand quickly. In a world where people’s attention spans are getting shorter, it helps if a brand can get our attention and get us to understand it as quickly as possible.

7. using sarcasm and humour

We could all use a good laugh in these hard times. Also, companies don’t have to take themselves so seriously. They might find that people listen better to what they have to say if they use humour to break the ice and ease some of the tension.

Using humor and satire

They want companies to be able to get to know them better than ever before. People want to know that companies live in the same world as them and deal with the same things, such as climate change, worries about public health, and split social institutions. Humor and satire can help us connect with each other and get through hard times.

People say that laughter is the best medicine for a reason: it makes us happier, makes us feel less stressed, and gives us an experience we’ll never forget.

8. Daring Nostalgia

The fashion trend we call “daring nostalgia” is when patterns that were popular in the past come back into style with a modern twist.

There’s no doubt that using nostalgia in marketing has its benefits. It’s a way for companies to express themselves in a way that is both exciting and dynamic, while also appealing to the emotions and memories of the people they want to reach.

In 2023, we expect to see a comeback of the illustrated mascots that could walk and talk, which were popular in the 1950s and 1960s. With their crazy faces and funny personalities, these cute little creatures are great for giving companies a more human feel because they are able to humanise them.

9. Colors Using Effectively

Put on your shades, because we expect to see more colour combinations that have a big impact on branding and graphic design in all areas, from social media to newsletters. To make a statement, designers often choose colours that are the exact opposite of each other.

Also, companies will try to connect the look of their brands with certain colours to make it easier for customers to remember their products. Think about McDonald’s red and yellow colour scheme or Tiffany’s famous blue, which has been a part of the company’s brand since it opened in 1845. Color alone could be a way to brand something.

9. Animated Logos

Animation has a unique way of telling a story, which brands can use to tell their story and stand out from the competition. Animation also lets marketers put a brand’s message into a short, interesting, and entertaining story that customers will remember better than a still image.

Traditional branding isn’t as effective as it used to be because of the rise of video content, and I have no doubt that the number of animated logos will grow by 2023.

Mehedi Hasan, CEO of DsgnStory

10. Impact of pop culture

You might have thought that only teenagers could post dance routines on TikTok. Don’t be sure of it too much! In the modern world, companies almost make their own content on their own.

So, you have to take part in whatever is popular on social media right now. Companies and influencers work together to celebrate popular culture. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TikTok challenge or the newest Netflix show that can be watched all at once.

11. Retro Collage

Scrapbooks are making a comeback, so it’s time to get your digital glue sticks ready. This year, ripped edges, pasted photos, handwritten letters, cutout collages, collages with graphic designs, and vintage mixed media are all big branding trends.

Why Is Branding Important? 

Branding Trends

Branding can be used to market your business, improve your products, keep your current customers interested, and get the attention of new customers. The best way to understand how important branding is is to think about the following reasons.

  • Branding can be used to market your business, improve your products, keep your current customers interested, and get the attention of new customers. The best way to understand how important branding is is to think about the following reasons.
  • Branding is important if you want to leave a lasting impression on potential and current customers and stand out from competitors in your industry by making it clear what you offer and what makes you special. Branding is important if you want to make a lasting impression on potential and current customers and stand out from other businesses in your field.
  • This makes people more aware of a brand. Since trust is directly related to brand recognition, this means that the more well-known a company or brand is, the more successful it will be. Making your brand more well-known makes it easier to get new customers and teach them about the products and services you offer.
  • It makes the brand more valuable. Your brand is the personality of your business and the unique selling point that makes what you do stand out from what others do. Your brand should make it clear and easy to understand who your company is and what it wants to do. To build a strong relationship with your customers and raise the value and awareness of your brand, you need a brand image that is both unique and memorable.
  • It gives people a sense of pride. Branding that is strong and clear says a lot not only to your customers but also to your staff. This makes your workers feel good about the work they do for your business. If you give your company a strong brand identity with a clear purpose and strong values, your employees will have something to identify with. This will make them more willing to do their best for your brand and promote it on their own.

Ready for the top branding trends of 2023?

Duolingo mascot

The branding trends for 2023 show what people want and need in a world that is hard and unpredictable. Branding that is too busy, strong, and entertaining gives people chances to connect through interesting graphics. Also, you can build relationships by using humour, putting the company’s goal first, and giving the brand a more human personality.

Branding trends for 2023 are important because they tell us what consumers want and how businesses can give it to them. The most important thing to learn from this year is that people want to do business with companies that are easy to understand and that talk to their customers in a way that is clear they are being honest. When this is done well, companies can give their customers an experience they will never forget, full of happiness, laughter, and connection.

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