ARKANE – A Bold Redesign

The brief

ARKANE, a distinguished architectural firm known for their innovative designs and cutting-edge projects, approached DsgnStory Branding Agency seeking a fresh brand identity that would reflect their commitment to creativity and sophistication.

The challenge was to create a wordmark logo that would capture the essence of their work and stand out in the highly competitive architectural industry. In this case study, we will delve into the creative process behind the development of the ARKANE wordmark logo and how it successfully redefined the company’s brand.

Project Description

The primary objective of this project was to create a compelling and distinctive wordmark logo for ARKANE that would convey its core values of innovation, precision, and sophistication. The logo needed to be versatile, timeless, and memorable, setting them apart from their competitors.

Research and Discovery:

To understand ARKANE’s unique identity, we conducted extensive research into their portfolio, company history, and client testimonials. We also analyzed their competitors’ branding strategies and identified design trends within the architectural industry. Key findings from this phase included the importance of conveying creativity, trustworthiness, and a forward-thinking approach.

Concept Development:

Arkane logo in red and black

Drawing inspiration from ARKANE’s commitment to innovative design, we explored various concepts, typography styles, and color palettes. Red and black emerged as the dominant colors, symbolizing passion, strength, and sophistication. We opted for a custom wordmark logo to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity.

Design Process:

The design process involved multiple iterations and brainstorming sessions. Each letter in the word “ARKANE” was meticulously customized to create a harmonious yet distinct composition. The sleek, sans-serif font exuded modernity, while the interplay of the letters added an architectural dimension. The choice of red for the letters, with black as the background, created a bold and striking visual impact.

Typography Selection:

We selected a custom typeface that balanced legibility and aesthetics. The font was designed to convey the precision and attention to detail that ARKANE brings to their projects.

Color Palette:

Arkane logo Color Pallate

The red and black color scheme was carefully chosen to evoke feelings of passion, power, and sophistication. Red symbolizes creativity, energy, and innovation, while black adds a touch of elegance and professionalism.

Logo Application:

ARKANE logo in a different stationary

The ARKANE wordmark logo was designed to be versatile and adaptable across various mediums. It was seamlessly integrated into their website, business cards, stationery, and marketing materials, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

Client Feedback and Revisions:

Throughout the design process, we maintained open communication with the client. Their feedback was invaluable in refining the logo to align with their vision. Revisions were made to ensure the logo met their expectations while staying true to the design principles.

Outcome and Impact:

ARKANE logo in a wall

The final ARKANE wordmark logo successfully achieved the project’s objectives. It is now a visual embodiment of ARKANE’s brand identity, communicating its commitment to innovation and sophistication. The logo received positive feedback from clients and industry peers, establishing a strong brand presence in a competitive market.


The ARKANE project was a testament to the power of thoughtful design in redefining a brand’s identity. DsgnStory Branding Agency’s meticulous approach to research, concept development, and design resulted in a distinctive and memorable wordmark logo that reflects ARKANE’s values and sets them apart in the architectural industry. This project exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic branding on a company’s image and perception in the market.


ARKANE logo in a wall
ARKANE logo in a different stationary
Arkane logo in red and black

Working with DsgnStory was an absolute pleasure. Their team brought our vision to life, creating a stunning wordmark logo that perfectly captures the essence of our brand. Their creativity and attention to detail exceeded our expectations, and we’re thrilled with the results.

Creativity reimagined

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