Revitalizing FitGyms Brand by DsgnStory

The brief

FitGyms, a well-established fitness chain, approached DsgnStory to revamp its brand identity and stand out in the competitive fitness market. The existing branding lacked a distinct identity and modern appeal, hindering the brand’s ability to connect with a broader audience.

Project Description

DsgnStory’s approach was centered around modernization, differentiation, and consistency.

Color Palette

DsgnStory opted for a bold color scheme comprising of energetic green and sleek black. This dynamic combination symbolized growth, energy, and strength.

fitgyms logo color options


A custom typography was crafted to exude strength and modernity. The typography’s clean lines and bold presence were designed to resonate with FitGyms’ commitment to contemporary fitness solutions.

fitgyms logo white background

Icon Design

The core brand element, a custom-designed “g” icon, was created to evoke movement and progress. Its sleek curves and dynamic shape represented the essence of fitness and growth.

fitgyms logo icon


The rebranding initiative led to remarkable outcomes:

The new brand identity showcased FitGyms’ commitment to modern fitness solutions and set it apart from competitors.

fitgyms logo black background

The bold green and black color palette, along with the custom typography, created a cohesive and memorable brand presence.

The “g” icon became a distinctive symbol of fitness and growth, enhancing brand recognition and resonance.

FitGyms experienced increased market visibility, attracting a broader audience and facilitating potential business growth.

In conclusion, DsgnStory’s strategic rebranding approach revitalized FitGyms’ identity, positioning it as a dynamic and recognizable force in the fitness industry.


fitgyms logo
fitgyms bag mockup
fitgyms wall mockup

DsgnStory breathed new life into FitGyms with their innovative rebranding. The bold ‘G’ icon, vibrant colors, and modern typography perfectly capture our fitness philosophy. Their work exceeded our expectations and elevated our brand.

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