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Twitter logo changed to the Dogecoin Doge. But Why?


The Twitter logo has always been a blue bird, but on April 3, 2023, Twitter logo changed to a cartoon dog for reasons that are still unknown. That would be the Shiba Inu dog who was the inspiration for a popular internet joke and whose name was given to a digital currency: dogecoin.

The doge has taken the place of the bird, which has been a big part of Twitter since the beginning. Still, why?

Twitter logo changed. Why?

Many people have made guesses about what made Twitter or Elon Musk decide to do this. The only thing that the social media network’s owner, Elon Musk, had to say was the tweet that was linked to the first link of this paragraph. In the letter, he says that putting Doge in the image will make it look “sickkk,” and he also gives a picture of the Doge coin.

At first, Doge showed up instead of the well-known bird a few days after April 1, 2023. This made people think that the image change was a joke for April Fool’s Day that was told too late. But the new image was actually released on the right day. This was what most people who were interested in cryptocurrencies thought.

Fortune says that Musk’s love of and investment in Dogecoin could have had something to do with the choice. What does a Dogecoin really mean? When the sign for the coin changed, its market value went up by 20% almost instantly.

No matter what the real reason was for the change, the people who use Twitter did not find it as funny as Musk did. A lot of people either winced in discomfort at the joke or pointed out other problems with Twitter that might need to be fixed more quickly than the image change. Several people who were talking about the Doge image also said they didn’t like Twitter Blue, , as seen in the tweet linked below, which makes me wonder, “What is Twitter Blue?”

According to a story that was released by Reuters not too long ago, Musk is also being sued by owners in the cryptocurrency Dogecoin because he has spoken out in favour of it. There’s a chance that this brand-new logo is just a complicated PR move to distract from the case. A way for Musk to make fun of the court case against him in public. But until Musk tells us what happened, none of us will ever know what really happened.

The Doge’s Legend Lives On

Even before cryptocurrency was made, the “Doge” internet joke had been going strong for a while. And putting the cute Shiba Inu on the Twitter website is just another part of the well-known dog’s story.

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