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How Using Scroll Animation for Websites Enhances User Experience: Exploring the What and Why


Adding fun moving pictures to your website, called animation, is a fantastic way to make it look better, more up-to-date, and easier to remember. What’s more, when animations are done carefully, they can help people notice the most crucial parts of the website. Each type of animation has its own special things that make it different. Think of scroll animations as a bit like a map on a website, helping you always find the important information easily. So, if you want to make your website more appealing, consider using scroll animation for the website.

Why you might want to add scroll animation for the website

In simple terms, a scroll animation for a website is when things on the website move around or change. You might see things like elements spinning, getting bigger or smaller, or appearing and disappearing. These animations can make your website look really cool and stand out from other websites.

People quickly form their initial opinion of a website.

When you use scroll animations on your website, it can make your website even better and get more people interested in what you’re offering. This is because of these moving elements:

  • Make important parts of your website stand out, so people stay on your site longer.
  • It can be used to show that someone has done something successfully on your website.
  • Make your website easier to use and more fun.
  • Make people feel happy and want to come back to your website.
  • Tell a story that makes people feel like they’re a part of something special.
  • Make your website look different from others which might be boring or old-fashioned.

Lots of people use scroll animations when they make websites because they have a lot of good things about them. But it’s important to know all the different ways you can use these animations so you can use them in the best way. This can depend on what the person does on the website, like moving the mouse, clicking, or scrolling.

Scroll animation features for websites

The way a website looks influences most users' opinions about it.

Scroll animations for websites are activated when you move your mouse wheel. These animations can make elements change in different ways, like appearing, moving, getting bigger, or changing color. While most scroll animations happen when you scroll the page, some can happen all on one screen without needing to scroll.

People like scroll animations because they’re simple, tell stories, and get people engaged.


With scroll animations, you can tell emotional or funny stories. It helps you connect with your audience and make them feel good. These little animated stories help users feel comfortable and understand your ideas better.


Usually, it’s easier to scroll the mouse wheel than to click on buttons. That’s why even things that normally use buttons, like sliders, are being replaced with scrolling.


Scrolling is easier than clicking, and moving elements while scrolling catch people’s attention more. Generally, people scroll more than they click or hover on websites.

Scroll animations used to be rare because they were hard to make. But now they’re popular and many websites use them. I’ve personally worked on projects where we added scroll animations to websites.

In my experience, the quality of these animations is very important. Bad animations, like ones that are sudden or annoying, can make people not want to use the website. This is especially true for scroll animations because scrolling is how people interact with websites.

If scroll animations are done poorly and make scrolling hard, people will quickly get frustrated and leave. But if they’re done well, they can make the website better and make people notice small details.

That’s why you need expert developers to add animations to your website, especially scroll ones, to make sure they’re good quality and work smoothly.

If you’ve decided to add scroll animations to your website, let’s look more into which type will be best for you.

Types of scroll animation for the website

Different types of scroll animation for websites can be sorted based on how they work and show up on web pages. These types include one-screen scroll animations, scroll-bound animations, and scroll-triggered animations.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these types using some examples of animated websites showcased on the well-known Awwwards platform.

One-screen scroll animations

One-screen scroll animations are a cool kind of animation used in web design. They’re activated when you scroll the mouse wheel but don’t make the page move or scroll. Instead, these visual effects happen within one section of the page.

Now, we’ll check out some examples of one-screen scroll animations and how they’re used.


This project is meant to teach people, especially young adults, about handling relationship violence. The website has a fun scroll animation that makes the content move when you scroll or click.

That’s why it won the Site of the Day award. The website’s appealing design and its important mission make it a great tool to use the internet to help people have healthy relationships.

Species in Pieces

Species in Pieces is one of the coolest websites in the green world. Its main goal is to make more people aware of the need to protect animals in danger. On the site, you’ll see animals shown using colorful triangles. These triangles move around when you scroll or click the arrows on the right.

Species in Pieces website scroll animation

This website isn’t just important for society. It’s also a great example of how to make a website look and work well. The scroll animation for the website is just one of the special things about it. It’s made to make us notice how beautiful and delicate our world is. That’s why Species In Pieces won the Site of the Year award.

Scroll-triggered animation

Animations that start when you scroll, known as scroll-triggered animations, are a common choice in design. They work well and don’t need as much computer power as other types. These animations start when you reach a certain point on the page, so they keep going even if you scroll more.

You can see good examples of scroll-triggered animations on the websites below that have used scroll animation for website.

Corn Revolution

This website belongs to a company that grows and sells different kinds of corn seeds. It looks really colorful and full of life. You’ll see lots of cool things on it, like 3D objects, moving things when you move your mouse, backgrounds that move, and things that pop up when you scroll.

All of these things make the website really beautiful and hard to forget for people who visit it. Also, the website has a scroll animation.

Scroll-bound animations

Scroll-bound animations are a kind where things move depending on how much you scroll. How fast you scroll decides how fast things change. If you slow down or speed up, the movements do the same. When you stop scrolling, things stop moving right away.

Here are some awesome examples of scroll animations for websites.


Want to see how regular people coming together can make a big difference? Take a look at what happened in Atterwasch. This small German village was at risk of being destroyed for a coal quarry expansion, even though it was doing great with sustainable energy. But because the residents and lawyers didn’t give up, the decision was changed in 2017. It shows how when people work together, they can protect their communities.

The animations on this website make it more fun and easier to use. They help you feel connected to the website and keep you interested. By mixing words and pictures, this website gives you a special experience that’s exciting and teaches you things too.

The project also got a special mention from Awwwards for its scroll animation for the website.

Kayma Stories

The people who made this website wanted to make complicated school research easier to understand for more people. They tell stories about small wins in the fight against being poor, unfairness, and harm to nature.

These stories give a little hope in the middle of these hard problems. On this site, you can see 8 different animated stories that come from studies that were already published. Each story shows how things we learn about how money works can make big changes in our lives.

The most important part of these stories is the moving pictures. As you go down the page, things pop up and change on one side of the page. These pictures are part of the moving pictures and show a quick but clear idea of the story. They help you understand what you read.

The great way this site was made got a prize from Awwwards. They gave it an Honorable Mention because it was so good at using scroll animation for the website.


If you want your website to get noticed and appear up-to-date, using quality scroll animations is the way to go. They can attract people’s attention, make your site more interesting, and help you appear different from other similar websites. And that’s already half the battle won.

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