AddEvent Inc: Re-design Website of a Silicon Valley Tech Startup

The brief

We lease calendar management and add-to-calendar software (APIs) to businesses for them to integrate into their websites, emails and marketing materials. Our target audience is businesses who would benefit from having their events on their current or potential customers’ personal calendars.

Project Description

DsgnStory Branding Agency, a prominent design agency renowned for its creative prowess, recently embarked on an exciting project for a client specializing in calendar management and add-to-calendar software (APIs).

The client’s core offering aimed to empower businesses by seamlessly integrating event information into their websites, emails, and marketing materials. The target audience for this client encompassed businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement by enabling their customers to effortlessly add events to their personal calendars.

DsgnStory’s mission was clear: design a captivating and informative website that effectively communicated the client’s value proposition and resonated with their target audience.

Client’s Business and Challenges

The client’s business revolved around providing businesses with calendar management and add-to-calendar software solutions. These solutions enabled businesses to streamline event integration into their digital platforms, ultimately enhancing their customer engagement strategies. However, the client faced several challenges:

  1. Limited Online Presence: The client’s online presence was minimal, with an outdated website that failed to effectively convey the benefits of their services to potential customers.
  2. Audience Engagement: The previous website struggled to engage the target audience, leading to a high bounce rate and disappointing conversion rates.
  3. Competitive Market: The client operated in a fiercely competitive market, with numerous providers offering similar services. It was crucial to differentiate the client’s offerings and establish a unique position in the market.

Solution: DsgnStory’s Web Design Expertise

DsgnStory Branding Agency brought its wealth of experience and expertise in web design to address the client’s challenges effectively:

  1. Strategic Website Design: DsgnStory crafted a visually captivating and user-friendly website that placed the client’s unique value proposition at the forefront. The design featured intuitive navigation, clear and enticing call-to-action buttons, and captivating visuals to engage and retain visitors.
  2. Content Strategy: DsgnStory devised a comprehensive content strategy that highlighted the tangible benefits of the client’s software solutions. Real-world use cases and success stories were prominently featured to establish credibility and trust among potential customers.
  3. Targeted Messaging: The messaging on the website was meticulously tailored to resonate with the client’s primary target audience: businesses seeking to boost customer engagement through innovative calendar management solutions. The messaging emphasized convenience, efficiency, and the potential for enhanced customer experiences.
  4. Responsive Design: Recognizing the increasing importance of mobile accessibility, DsgnStory ensured that the website boasted responsive design elements, guaranteeing a seamless experience across a variety of devices and screen sizes.


The partnership between DsgnStory Branding Agency and the client bore fruit, delivering significant improvements across key areas:

  1. Increased Online Presence: The revamped website was instrumental in elevating the client’s online visibility and credibility. Potential customers were greeted with a professional and appealing online presence that instilled confidence.
  2. Improved Engagement: The user-centric design and engaging content worked in tandem to reduce the website’s bounce rate and elevate visitor engagement. Visitors now spent more time exploring the client’s offerings and understanding their value.
  3. Enhanced Conversion Rates: Clear and compelling call-to-action buttons, accompanied by persuasive messaging, played a pivotal role in boosting conversion rates. Businesses keen on integrating the client’s solutions expressed their interest more readily.
  4. Competitive Advantage: DsgnStory’s strategic approach to website design and content creation conferred a distinct competitive advantage upon the client. Amidst a crowded market, the client’s unique value proposition shone through, attracting businesses actively seeking calendar management solutions.


DsgnStory Branding Agency’s collaboration with the client not only addressed their challenges but also yielded tangible results. The client now enjoys an amplified online presence, heightened engagement with their target audience, improved conversion rates, and a competitive edge in their industry.

This case study exemplifies DsgnStory’s ability to deliver tailored web design solutions that foster business growth and success. The transformation of the client’s online presence stands as a testament to the agency’s commitment to creating impactful digital experiences.


AddEvent Inc. Website design top part
AddEvent Inc. Website design middle part
AddEvent Inc. Website design bottom part

Working with DsgnStory was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in web design and strategic content creation breathed new life into our online presence. The website they crafted not only captivated our audience but also led to tangible results—increased engagement and conversion rates. DsgnStory is, without a doubt, our go-to partner for all things design and branding.

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