EntroEdge – Elevating Investment Excellence

The brief

DsgnStory partnered with EntroEdge, a visionary investment company, to craft a brand identity that symbolizes their commitment to propelling clients towards financial success. The primary visual elements included a custom letter “E” icon, where the top horizontal line resembled an upward-pointing arrow, and a custom typography choice. The color palette featured Navy Blue, Lavender, and Pale Grey to evoke trust, innovation, and sophistication.

Project Description

Design Approach:

Icon Fusion:

The custom letter “E” icon was meticulously designed to encapsulate both the company’s name and its mission. The upward-pointing arrow subtly conveyed the essence of growth and accomplishment, reflecting EntroEdge’s dedication to driving clients toward success.

Entroedge logo white background

Typography Craftsmanship:

A unique custom typography was developed to resonate with the brand’s values. It exuded professionalism while maintaining a touch of modernity, complementing the icon’s design and conveying the brand’s forward-looking approach.

Color Palette Harmony:

The color selection was deliberate. Navy Blue communicated trust and stability, while Lavender added a sense of creativity and imagination. Pale Grey provided a neutral backdrop, allowing the other colors to shine and creating an overall sophisticated and balanced look.

entroedge logo colors

Logo Integration:

The custom icon and typography were seamlessly integrated to establish a cohesive brand identity. The icon’s arrow-like top line visually interacted with the typography, symbolizing EntroEdge’s role in guiding clients toward financial heights.

entroedge company billboard design

Challenges & Meaning:

Symbolic Integration:

The challenge was to incorporate both the “E” and the arrow symbolism into a harmonious design. The arrow not only represented upward growth but also implied strategic direction, reflecting EntroEdge’s guidance in investments.

entroedge logo business card design

Color Fusion:

Blending Navy Blue, Lavender, and Pale Grey required careful balancing to ensure a visually pleasing and impactful brand presence, symbolizing stability, innovation, and neutrality.

Entroedge logo inside billboard 1

Final Result:

The collaboration resulted in a distinct and meaningful brand identity for EntroEdge. The custom letter “E” icon, with its arrow-like top line, encapsulated growth, guidance, and investment excellence. The custom typography and carefully selected color palette enhanced the brand’s sophistication and modernity. Together, these elements conveyed EntroEdge’s commitment to elevating its clients’ financial journeys.

entroedge logo billboard design mockup

In summary, DsgnStory successfully crafted a captivating brand identity for EntroEdge that resonated with the investment industry’s values while encapsulating the company’s commitment to driving success.


EntroEdge Logo
Entroedge logo inside billboard 2
entroedge logo bag mockup

DsgnStory truly captured our vision with precision. The ‘E’ icon’s arrow symbolism perfectly represents our upward trajectory in investments. Their attention to detail and color harmony showcases their design expertise. A remarkable journey to a distinctive brand identity.

Creativity reimagined

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