OclaBio – BioScience Company Logo

The brief

OclaBio, an innovative player in the bioscience industry, approached DsgnStory Branding Agency with a unique challenge – to develop a brand identity that embodies their scientific expertise, breakthrough discoveries, and commitment to sustainability. They sought a distinct visual identity that would convey their sophisticated approach to research and align with their futuristic vision.

Project Description

Our Approach:

At DsgnStory, we embarked on a creative journey to craft an identity for OclaBio that merges science and art. Understanding the significance of OclaBio’s bioscience innovations, we embraced the concept of transformation and growth, using custom typography as a pivotal tool.

OclaBio logo Black Background

The Concept:

Inspired by the intricate web of life and scientific exploration, we conceptualized a brand identity that seamlessly fuses custom typography with a harmonious color palette. The typography, Neue Haas Unica Pro, symbolizes precision and modernity.

OclaBio logo white Background

The colors – Eerie Black, Screamin Green, Honeydew, and White – represent the depth of scientific discovery, the energy of innovation, the freshness of ideas, and the purity of purpose.

The Design Process:

OclaBio Logo Design Process
  1. Research and Discovery: We delved into OclaBio’s core values, scientific endeavors, and aspirations, drawing inspiration from their dedication to creating a better world through bioscience.
  2. Typography Customization: Creating a custom version of Neue Haas Unica Pro, we meticulously adjusted its curves and angles to reflect the intricate nature of cellular structures while maintaining legibility and modernity.
  3. Color Symbolism: We chose a palette that represents OclaBio’s multi-faceted approach – from the green of growth and innovation to the white of purity in intentions.
  4. Visual Application: We applied the custom typography and colors across various touchpoints, including stationery, digital platforms, and product packaging, creating a cohesive brand experience.
  5. Feedback and Iteration: Collaborating closely with OclaBio’s team, we fine-tuned the details to ensure the brand identity truly resonated with their values.
OclaBio logo color options

The Result:

The final brand identity encapsulates OclaBio’s intricate work, highlighting the balance between science and creativity. The custom typography weaves the story of scientific advancement, while the color palette mirrors OclaBio’s mission to create a greener, healthier future.

Impact and Recognition:

OclaBio Logo Bag Mockup

OclaBio’s refreshed brand identity has garnered attention not only for its scientific authenticity but also for its visual appeal. The innovative typography and thoughtfully chosen colors have become symbolic of OclaBio’s groundbreaking research and commitment to progress.


Through a harmonious blend of science and design, DsgnStory Branding Agency crafted a brand identity that mirrors OclaBio’s core values and aspirations. This case study demonstrates how a well-thought-out brand identity can reflect the essence of a company, elevating its perception and resonance in the industry.


OclaBio logo custom Background
OclaBio Logo Billboard Desgin
OclaBio logo App Icon

We are truly amazed by DsgnStory’s ability to encapsulate our scientific endeavors in a visual identity. The custom typography and thoughtfully chosen color palette with Icon perfectly reflect our commitment to innovation and sustainability. DsgnStory’s expertise in translating complex ideas into design elements exceeded our expectations. Our brand identity now stands as a testament to our bioscience journey, thanks to DsgnStory’s creative prowess.

Creativity reimagined

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