Ohana – Building a Data Solutions Brand

The brief

Ohana, a new player in the data solutions industry, aimed to establish a strong brand presence that reflects their innovative and dependable approach to data management. The brand identity needed to convey a sense of unity, reliability, and technological expertise.

The chosen elements were an icon inspired by a rounded ocean wave, custom Artegra Sans typography, and a color palette dominated by Blue and Black.

Project Description

Design Process:

Ohana logo white Background
  1. Research and Inspiration: The design process began with researching the data solutions industry, understanding the target audience, and gathering inspiration related to waves, unity, and technology. This phase helped the design team develop a clear direction for the brand’s visual identity.
  2. Conceptualization: The rounded ocean wave icon was selected as the central visual element. It symbolized the dynamic nature of data, the seamless flow of information, and the unity of Ohana’s solutions. The custom Artegra Sans font was chosen for its modern yet approachable appearance, aligning with the brand’s values.
  3. Logo Iterations: Several iterations of the logo were created, exploring variations in wave curvature, typography integration, and color combinations. The challenge was to strike a balance between the technical aspect of data solutions and the approachable, user-friendly nature of the brand.
  4. Color Exploration: Blue and Black were chosen as the primary brand colors. Blue signified trust, reliability, and the depth of data, while Black added a sense of sophistication and contrast. Variations of these colors were tested to achieve the desired visual impact.
  5. Typography Development: The custom Artegra Sans font was modified slightly to enhance legibility and uniqueness. Each character was refined to ensure a harmonious visual balance between the icon and the typography.
  6. Integration and Collateral Design: The chosen logo iteration was further refined and integrated with the custom font to create a cohesive brand identity. This identity was then applied to various collateral such as business cards, letterheads, and digital presentations.


Ohana logo Color Variations
  1. Balancing Technical and Approachable: The main challenge was to avoid making the brand appear overly technical and distant. Finding the right design elements and colors to achieve a balance between expertise and approachability required careful consideration.
  2. Creating a Unique Font: Developing a custom font that resonated with the brand’s values while maintaining readability was a complex task. It demanded meticulous attention to detail in each character’s design.
  3. Symbolism and Representation: Ensuring that the rounded ocean wave icon conveyed the intended symbolism of data flow, unity, and reliability required multiple design iterations to capture the right visual metaphor.

Final Result:

Ohana logo black Background

The final result was a brand identity that perfectly captured Ohana’s essence in the data solutions industry. The rounded ocean wave icon, symbolizing the seamless flow of data, was integrated harmoniously with the custom Artegra Sans font, which added a modern and approachable touch. The Blue and Black color palette exuded trust and sophistication, while collateral materials showcased the brand’s consistency and versatility across different media.

Overall, Ohana’s brand identity successfully conveyed its core values, making it stand out as a reliable and innovative player in the competitive data solutions landscape.


Ohana logo
Ohana logo Mockup
Ohana logo app icon

DsgnStory transformed our brand into a captivating narrative. Their creativity and expertise gave us an identity that truly stands out. A seamless journey from concept to reality. Highly recommended.

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